Inside the Waistband

SuperTuck® Deluxe




Our most popular holster and THE most comfortable and concealable holster available.

The SuperTuck® is our most popular rig and is adjustable for ride depth AND cant, it's our most stable and comfortable rig and offers the following features as well.

1) All SuperTuck® holsters now come with our new SteelClip clip. Spring steel with a corrosion proof, chip proof coating along with a proprietary design makes our SteelClips the best clip on the market. Bulletproof construction and a decorative design that won't give you away, only from CrossBreed™.

2) 3/4 length full sight channel for clearance with ALL front sights.

3) Premium grade leather for the backing! (Horsehide also available at extra cost.)

4) Steel mounting hardware for the clip attachments.

5) Mounting spacers behind the clips to allow easier tucking.

Retrofit kits are also available for anyone with the older model SuperTuck.

Our SuperTuck® Deluxe is THE most comfortable and concealable holster available, there
might be prettier ones, but NONE will out-perform the SuperTuck™!

Each holster fits all barrel lengths of a particular series of firearms. For example, everything from an Officer's to a 5 inch 1911, or a Mini Glock, Compact or full-size Glock.





The FIRST (and best) hybrid IWB holster designed specifically for the new Ruger LCP!

Now available for the LCP WITH Crimson Trace Laser! (LG-431)
Also available for Kel-Tec P3AT with or without Laser.

CrossBreed® Holsters is pleased to bring to market the first holster designed specifically around the Ruger LCP. Based on our famous SuperTuck® design, the MiniTuck® incorporates all the advantages of it's bigger brother in a smaller package.

Designed for and ideally suited to the Ruger LCP, the MiniTuck® is stable, comfortable and extremely concealable. Ideal for deep concealment or for those with smaller frames, the MiniTuck® allows fast access to a very well hidden firearm.

The MiniTuck™ is exceptionally well suited to ladies as the concave curve on the bottom edge of the holster rides over the curve a ladies' hip without forcing the grip into her ribs.

The MiniTuck® is also a good choice for Kahr PM series guns, Sig 238's and Ruger LCPs, especially for those folks needing a smaller overall package due to their frame size.

We don't recommend it for full size guns or compact versions of full frame guns.





With the huge popularity of the New Ruger LCP and other small pistols, we have introduced the MicroClip.

A single clip design weighing less than 4 oz, the MicroClips offers a minimum footprint and maximum comfort for small guns. Works well with the Ruger LCP, KelTec P3AT, Kahr P380, Kahr PM9 and similar guns. Also avaliable for the LCP and P3AT with the new LG-431 laser.

The new MicroClip is just the ticket when you just can't take anything bigger but still want ready access to a firearm. The MicroClip is tuckable like the rest of our holsters and a great alternative to pocket carry.  Also works well for most ladies.

This holster is not suitable for anything larger than the guns listed above.

Try one for two weeks and if it is not everything we say it is, send it back for a no questions asked refund of the purchase price!





This is a new rig designed for easier on and off. It features a single wide clip which slips over the belt and pants to allow on/off without threading the belt. Just loosen your pants a bit and slip it on.

Now featuring the same clip spacers, Premium Leather and improved hardware as our SuperTuck® deluxe!  Also with a new clip design to lock even better on your belt while still being easy on and off.

It is also adjustable to be worn Straigt Drop, FBI Cant or Crossdraw!  Straight Drop and FBI cant offer the best concealment, but the crossdraw position is useful for long drives and a few other situations.

Tuckablility is also a built in feature with this one.

Like the other CrossBreed® holsters, it features a wide leather backer with the "rough" side towards the wearer. This provides a shield between you and the gun which greatly increases comfort. The rough side towards you also increases the friction of the rig against you and your clothing lending further stablility to the rig. (No more "holster diving".)

Each holster fits all barrel lengths of a particular series of firearms such as everything from an Officer's to a 5 inch 1911, or a Mini Glock, Compact or full-size Glock.